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Dr. Clark, ND was born and raised in Hamilton County, Indiana.  She and her husband Stan lived on a farm, raised 2 sons, and currently drive school buses for Hamilton Southeastern Schools.  A number of years ago, she was seeking natural health solutions for her own family and became captivated with the methods, techniques and research she encountered.

Dr. Clark participates in continuing education through the ” to further trainin</span>g in CranioSacral Therapy.

Classical Naturopathy

As a traditional, classical naturopath I specialize in overall wellness.

I teach clients the importance of adopting a natural lifestyle approach to facilitate the body’s own natural healing.  I do not look to “diagnose” or “treat diseases”, but I recognize sub-health conditions that are the underlying cause of what we call “disease” (or dis-ease) relates to unsuitable diet, environmental factors and unhealthy habits which result in biological imbalances.  These imbalances lead to a destabilization of the bodies’ natural defenses and subsequent breakdown in health.  
The practice of traditional, classical naturopathy is not considered the practice of medicine and is currently legal in all 50 states.

* An “ND” is one that has earned a doctorate in the field of Traditional Naturopathy.

Recruiting and Training Physicians to Achieve their Full Potential as a Partner in Managed Care

Before managed care complicated the picture, physician recruitment was already a challenging process. Recruiters sought a blend of medical expertise and personality characteristics. Physicians were not only interested in the practice, but also in the management dynamics of local hospitals … “

Boston is renowned for its prestigious teaching hospitals, but insiders fear its reputation may be slipping as the area continues to experience trouble recruiting doctors who can afford to live here. “

The National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR) announced today that it has developed an online listing of opportunities exclusively dedicated to physicians of all specialties. Member firms have listed their opportunities to create the largest online database of physician opportunities. … “

How Much Does Nursing Care price? В» My Kids Health

How Much Does Nursing Care price?

All types of health care costs are increasing in the US nowadays. Your possess price tag will depend upon several things.

  • The kind of care you pick will affect the cost. You, or the physician, may decide you require a nursing home, assisted living, or an aide that visits you at residence.
  • You may require full time, concentrated specialized care. You may only require a visit at your home an only some times a week. You may require some kind of care that falls among these extremes.
  • Your position will also influence your costs. The cost tag for local care may be much pricier in a main metropolitan city than in a rural region.

I cannot predict the accurate cost of your care for a pair of causes. Firstly, it is not possible to recognize what type of care may be required in the future. Also, the expenses have been rising over the past some years. I can guess that any kind of expert care will charge more in a decade than it costs nowadays! The tendency has been towards advanced costs.

How Much does nursing or house Health Care Cost currently?

  • The standard rate for a room in a nursing house is approximately $200 a day. A semi-private room may be to some extent cheaper, while a personal room may charge a small piece more.
  • The average rate for help living is a little over $100 a day.
  • Home health care rates standard a little less than $20 an hour. You real costs would depend upon the kind and amount of care you require.

How Are These Health Care Costs Rising?

If you want then according to main insurance company studies, full time care has enlarged by an average of over four percent a year. Assist living capability care, while cheaper than full nursing care, has enlarged in cost almost six percent a year. Unusual kinds of home health care have raised the least, at about 1 – 2 percent 1 year. However, all type of nursing care seems to cost more than they did 10 years ago.

While these steady boosts do not assurance that the costs of nursing care will keep increasing, they appear to specify an upward tendency!

Even if you plan for this cost at today’s costs, you may not have designed well.

Do you believe Medicare, or an additional Alternatives to long term healthcare insurance, will cover these costs? In fact, Medicare only covers small term care. Medicaid, the state health insurance program for little income citizens, may cover up nursing costs from standard services or suppliers. But Medicaid necessitates you to spend down most of your investments before you can meet the criteria.

Using the following eight dimensions of wellness, we created this gift basket full of goodies! It was recently auctioned off for $85 at a fund raiser for the Community Free Clinic in Concord, NC. Great gift for someone you love, including yourself! Use ours to get your creative ideas flowing!! It doesn’t have to be large. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Social – developing a sense of connection and a well-developed support system

Physical – recognizing the need for physical activity, diet, sleep, and nutrition while discouraging the use of tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption

Emotional – developing skills and strategies to cope effectively with stress, challenges, and conflict

Spiritual – searching for meaning and purpose in human existence

Occupational – deriving personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work

Intellectual – recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills

Environmental – fostering good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being

Financial – feeling satisfied with current and foreseeable future financial situation

The Important of Normal Human Temperature

Do you know about normal human temperature? Have you ever checked your temperature? Human temperature is arranged by thermostat system in brain. It supports the stability of body temperature in 36.5 C and 37.5 C. Normal human temperature will be varied in a day. When we are in sleeping time, the temperature of our body is lower than wake time or in active time. Measurement taken in different body positions will also give different results. Intake temperature under the tongue (in the mouth) in normal condition around 37 C and among the arms (armpit) is about 36.5 C, while in the rectum (anus) is around 37.5 C. This is normal human temperature range.

Influence Factors of Body Temperature


There are some factors that influence normal human temperature. First is the basal metabolic rate, as fast metabolic work as high temperature need. Second is sympathetic nerve stimulation, this stimulus causes metabolism to work 100 times. Third are hormones (growth, thyroid and sex), those hormones also increase metabolic works many times. Fourth is fever (inflammation), it increases metabolic work 120%. Fifth is nutritional status, missing nutrition in long time will increases metabolic works 20-30%. Sixth are activities, many activities need metabolic works. Seventh is organ disorder, when there is a damage part of the body, the temperature will be rise. And the last is the environment; cold environment temperature will decrease body temperature. So, we have to consider the factors above to keep our temperature in stable condition. Stability of body temperature will lead to the health condition.

How to Measure Body Temperature


In a simple way, we can measure our temperature using the back of our hand such as usually our parents use back of their hand to check our head temperature. This is a practical way to decide that someone gets fever or not, unfortunately everyone has no similar sensitivity to decide the abnormality of body temperature. To be more accurate, we can use thermometer either mercury thermometer or digital thermometer. This tool can be purchased in medical stores or pharmacies. Recently, mercury thermometer model begin to leave by people because it needs long time measured about 5-10 minutes. People starts to use digital thermometer model, it is simpler and just needs sort time to measure the body temperature. The normal human temperature is about 36.1 – 37.8 C. When someone has temperature more than normal human temperature range can be concluded that he/she gets fever. The measurement can be done in several places, they are

  • Oral, behind the tongue
  • Axilla, armpit
  • Rectal, anus
  • Tympani, ear

From the four places above, measurement in tympani or ear using infrared thermometer is the most accurate because the temperature is near to the temperature of central body. And the most inaccurate measurement is taken from axilla, because it has bigger environmental influences.

Those are the importance of knowing body temperature. This knowledge is important not only for your body itself but also for important for others or your family to know about normal body temperature.


Jim Poore’s Story

I had finally given up on trying to

lose weight on my own. I had weighed as much as 650 pounds at one time in my life, and

when a last-ditch effort to lose weight on my own failed once again, I decided that I

would have no choice but to have gastric-bypass surgery. This was not an easy decision for

me, but after years of yo-yo dieting and numerous failed attempts at just about every diet

there was on the market, I believed I had no other option. Although I was scared to death

of the thought of having the surgery, I was desperate and had big reasons “why”

other than for just for my own health and well being, those reasons being my wife Barbi

and our daughter Britney, who was not quite a year old at that time.

My weight problem was affecting me

both physically as well as emotionally. I had developed sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and

severe swelling in my feet and ankles that made it difficult for me to walk and be able to

do the everyday things most people take for granted. The severe pain I had in my lower

back kept me from doing the one thing that meant the most to me, and that was to simply be

able to hold my daughter Britney in my arms. At this time I weighed 615 pounds and my

waist alone measured 80 1/2 inches around. I was awaiting approval of the surgery from our

insurance company when I was introduced to these unbelievable products and decided to try

them instead of going through with the operation. I credit these products for saving my

life and giving me a bright future to look forward to. I am so thankful I chose to give them

a try instead of the surgery.

I got started right away on the

Ultimate Program along with the aloe drink, and in my first week alone I lost 28 pounds

and gained incredible energy.  In 3 weeks I had lost 50 pounds total, but most

important to me was that I could now finally lie down to sleep at night and breathe

regularly.  In less than 2 years’ time, my life has totally changed in incredible ways

that words alone cannot describe.  I have now lost a total of 410 pounds on the

products, almost 4 feet off my waist alone and well over 200 total inches. I now wear a

size 34 pants! My health problems have totally cleared up, I feel great, and I will keep

this weight off for the rest of my life!

The best part of this now is that I

can not only hold my daughter in my arms, but I run and play with her and do the things

that before I could only dream of doing. My hopes of success have become a reality and now

I am able to be the father for her that before I had only dreamed of being.

Potassium Carbonate В» Soap Making Supplies

Potassium Carbonate is Vital to Soap Making

Potassium Carbonate is a key ingredient in making liquid soap, specifically it is used as an additive that makes the soap easier to stir in the cooking phase. Because it is chemically similar to lye (Potassium Hydroxide), Potassium Carbonate should be handled with extreme care. Like any strong base, it can burn your skin, eyes and throat on contact, and is reactive with anything acidic.

In days when most soap was made at home, Potassium Carbonate, or Pearl Ash, derived from hardwood ashes, was the key to saponification, or separation of soap and glycerine, in the soap making process. While today people use refined chemical products rather than wood ashes, the underlying chemistry in soap production remains the same as it has for centuries.

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Mental Health West

Hope and Healing Conference
Saturday 16th February, 2008

” for more details

Aware Defeat Depression is delighted to be able to offer you a place on a 2-day accredited Mental Health First Aid course in Springtown Industrial Estate, Derry funded under the Promoting Mental Health Strategy by the Health Promotion Dept. WHSCT. 

Training will be held Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February from 9.15am – 4.15pm. 

To reserve a place contact 7126 0602</span>

Training the Trainer – Mainstreaming Mental Health Promotion into Primary Care

March and April 2008

Nexus Institute Family Education and Support Workshop


This six-week Workshop is aimed at offering information and support to parents/carers and family members of survivors of sexual violence, recognising that they too can feel angry, confused and support, particularly when the perpetrator is a family member or some other known and trusted person.


For further information, please contact Nexus on 028 7126 0566

Grant Aid Funding 07-08

The Western Health & Social Services Board has a limited pool of grant-aid funding available for non-recurrent use before 31 March 2008, and invites applications for provision of programmes/ initiatives aimed at addressing the health and well being themes. 


As part of the support programme for colleges, LSDA NI in conjunction with the Southern Area Health Promotion Department is facilitating a Health and Social Care Conference on Friday 1st February 2008

Promoting the Healthy College Initiative

What You Need to Know about Normal Human Temperature

To know ” is important as the difference in human temperature, especially if it is high, may indicate that something wrong happens. It is because human body is not supposed to be too hot or too cold. It usually feels warm when you touch a certain part of your body since your body needs to get its safe temperature range. Furthermore, it will be important how to find out your body works which is usually closely related to body temperature. Following are more about how a human body works that is often indicated by body temperature.

More on Human Body and Its Temperature

More about normal human temperature and what happens in human body, there will be several things you need to know. It is normal that your body is not supposed to be too hot or too cold because your body is prepared to deal with such problems. Your blood vessel in your skin will automatically expand so that it will be able to carry excessive heat to the surface of your skin. It often begins with sweat which will help you to cool your body. On the other hand, your body will also work automatically when your body goes too cold.

How can you measure your body temperature to find out whether you have a “? There is simple things that you can do find out whether you have your body temperature is in a normal condition. Several parts of your body including your mouth, ear, rectum, and armpit are those that are used to measure your temperature. Furthermore, the forehead will also be another part that is usually used to measure your body temperature. Every body part will also have a different normal temperature. To find out how whether you have a normal body temperature, it will be important for you to know an exact number of normal body temperature.

Important Thing about Body Temperature

Why we need to find out normal human temperature? There are more about human body temperature which will show how your body condition is. Checking your body temperature is done by doing several things such as detecting fever, detecting abnormally body temperature, detecting abnormally high body temperature, helping plan for pregnancy, and some more thing to help you to find out your body temperature. Those are several important reasons why you need to detect your body temperature. Furthermore, you might also need to know aboutnormal human heart rate which will tell you more about your health condition.

To help you to measure your body temperature, there are tools to help you to check body temperature. The thermometers are used to simply measure your body temperature. However, there are many types of thermometers available so that you need to know what those thermometers used for. For example, you will find electronic thermometers, ear thermometers, disposable thermometers, forehead thermometers, and pacifier thermometers. Those are types of thermometer that can be found to help people measure “which will help them to find out their body condition so that people will be able to detect those abnormal indications in their body.


Normal Human Temperature of Baby

To know more about “, we need also find out further details of every age of human temperature including baby temperature. In this early age, there is more about body temperature that you need to know especially in baby. High temperature in baby often indicates that there might be health issue in the body of a baby. Furthermore, the condition of high body temperature that is also known as fever is also known as the scariest symptom which often comes with quite serious problems if it is not taken care intensively.

Further Explanation of Human Temperature in Baby

Normal human temperature in baby will also tell about a certain condition of a baby. Baby is the one that will be very vulnerable to any health issue. High temperature above the average temperature of a baby which is called as fever will easily tell you that there is a serious health problem that follows this symptom. Often if there an infant who gets a fever, it indicates that there is a sign of bacterial infection. However, the other causes such as reaction of the baby to a vaccination, and the external temperature that causes high temperature can also be possible non-dangerous causes.

More about “in baby and fever, you will also find that there are several symptoms that may also appear together with fever which will be the sign of specific health problem. Those specific symptoms such as poor sleeping, lethargy, lack of interest in play, convulsion and poor eating can be the symptoms that appear in baby. Those symptoms will tell you more about different health issue that may come up in a baby. It will also tell parents more about specific conditions that might happen in their baby. It is why you need to find more about normal baby temperature

Important about Details about Fever in Baby

The most important thing about normal human temperature when you deal with baby is that how you deal with fever. There will be several things about fever in baby you need to know. There are several conditions that need you to call your doctor since you will be able to deal with the problem of fever in baby. For example, a baby under 3 months old will need doctor’s assistance to take care of the baby since this condition is considered as an emergency. When a baby has a rash together with the fever is also the condition in which a children needs to take to a doctor.

Other than the condition you need to know about fever, you need also to know how to cope with fever in a baby. You can do several things which will help you to cope with fever in an older baby like bathe your baby with lukewarm water. However, those things are suggested for baby older than one month since the fever happens in baby less than 1 month may come with several health problems which will need a doctor to examine ” with further diagnosis.