Prostate Cancer – Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Prostate cancer is any abnormal growth of cells in the prostate area of a man. As men go over the age of 40 the levels of a by-product prolactin of testosterone in man increases. This in turn stimulates the production of an enzyme known as 5 alpha-reeducates which causes the conversion of testosterone into gihydro testosterone (DHT). This DHT is what which causes enlargement of the prostate or prostate cancer.

The causes of prostate cancer can many ranging from genetic factors to hormonal imbalance. Some people may have a naturally enlarged prostate or even mineral deficiency like that of zinc deficiency can be a cause of prostate cancer. Obesity is another cause of prostate cancer as studies show that a high trans fat rich diet leads to hormonal imbalance which is one of the leading causes of the disease. Deficiency of testosterone and an over active production of estrogen is also another factor responsible for prostate enlargement or cancer.

The common symptoms of prostate cancer include nocturia. This is the condition of being awakened in the middle of the night to urinate more than one or two times. Another symptom is dysuria. Dysuria is a complication connected to genitourinary infections which cause painful urination. This is because the infection has spread to the urinary tract which further causes urinary tract infections. Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis may also be diagnosed when there is the presence of infection fighting cells which cause common symptoms of prostatitis which are painful urination, fever, lower back and pelvic pain.

There are many natural foods which can prevent the condition of prostate cancer. Increasing your intake of tomatoes can help as tomatoes can higher levels of lycopene which can help protect the prostate and keep it healthy. Soya bean and legumes are also known to be good for prostate because they contain isoflavenos. It prohibits the growth of all types of cancerous cells and prevents enlargement of prostate.

Grapefruit contains high levels of Vitamin C, minerals and bioflavonoid and various other plant chemicals which prevent enlargement of the prostate and also protect against prostate cancer and other types of cancer as well. Leafy green vegetable like spinach and broccoli also are recommended for prevention of prostate cancer. Other foods like green tea, cold water fish, and beans also help in the prevention of enlargement of the prostate and cancer.

It is important to detect the symptoms of prostate cancer. A gradual enlargement in the prostate of men as they age is natural. Always keep track of the common symptoms like excessive urination in the night, painful urination, fever and urinary tract infections which recur. If you do notice any of these symptoms then consult your doctor or specialist at once. There are tests to determine if the enlargement of the prostate is leading to cancer or not.

Cancer if detected is definitely curable. There are radiation and chemotherapy treatments for the elimination of cancer from the body. Along with undergoing treatment for cancer it is important to stay positive and be happy. A positive attitude and a cheerful personality can go a long way in curing any kind of cancer not only prostate cancer.

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