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Time for old memories

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admin 11 February, 2010

Being hospitalized twice recently brought back many old memories. The thing that hooked me up to be a nurse, was a hospital visit log ago. I was hospitalized because of a tubal pregnancy that ruptured. It brought much change into my life. Because of it, my marriage shattered. Divorced, a mother of two children. I had a college education in liberal arts. It did not help much. I needed money for a living. I managed to find two jobs in just a single day. It was a really important thing in my life. I didn’t choose to work as a teller at a bank, I’ve chosen to be a medical assistant in an ENT office.
Ever since being a small kid, I always dreamt of being a nurse. The thought probably was hidden somewhere inside my heart. However, it only got out anew after experiencing a crisis. All my dreams appeared again, seeing the gentle kindness of the nurses, how they treat the ill people with care and are dedicated to their work. I was mesmerized by this kind of life where you worked with people taking care of them. I was working with a group of doctors. They worked in the field of ear, nose and throat. It was interesting to chat with them, even more because two of them were plastic surgeons as well.
Soon after that, I understood that I had to go back to school if I ever wanted to have a better position. I needed it for both, myself and my children, so they would be able to lead proper lives. I could still see my goals even when the times were hard and it seemed nothing is going as it should be. However I stayed optimistic, always telling myself „The glass is half-full, remember that.” I knew that the things are possible but I just had to give all I could. I tried chasing my dreams and I made it. I was lucky enough to be accepted into a program at once. I got a couple of scholarships and could accomplish what I wanted.
The rest went downhill from there. I went to nursing school and finished it in three years. I was able to do so with the help my children offered. I cherish the days I worked as a medical assistant, than ward clerk, after that a nurse’s aide to eventually become a registered nurse. At the brink of my career I was a Director of Nursing Services. I am proud of that, and I have to admit I loved to wear my uniform and make rounds with nurses working under me. I saw a lot of cases when the best registered nurses started their jobs as mere certified nurse’s assistants. They had to learn what it is to be a nurse, to be disciplined and to take care of the patients. Everyone should learn compassion as they learn other things. They should treat patients with full respect. Having an assistant fetch all the things a patient needs without moving a finger shouldn’t happen. A good nurse would do thing she can herself if it’s easier for her..
During my last visits at the hospital, I’ve met some magnificent nurses. One of them was Shanin. She worked night shifts, was soft-spoken, and was like a infinite reservoir of patience. She was kind all the time and could find time for a little chat or comfort someone. The next person was Jamie, she was a vivacious young woman. I heard that she experienced a terrible health condition. It seems that it made her reborn a new person, with more energy than ever. There was also Jennifer, she was a new nurse to the local hospital. She was engaged, a happy person, pleasant to everyone and always dedicated to what she was doing. Still learning her duties and how to use a portable computer, she was a role model. She cared about things she did, paying extra attention not to botch anything. There were many more wonderful nurses, but I simply don’t have the time and space to list all of them in this blog. One thing is sure, the quality of service of the medical personel in the local small hospital was great. The bigger hospital in Portland had much lower standards. Seeing the nurses at work, caring about the patients made my heart fill with a warm feeling. It made me remember why I decided to become a nurse in the first place.

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