And now for something completely different: sushi time 560 (bethpage, ny) review

Who: Middle/West Long Islanders and most Metropolitan New Yorkers.
What: All you can eat sushi, sashimi and hot Japanese entrees.
When: 11AM – 10PM most nights.
Where: 560 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, NY 11714-2702.
Why: Because you can eat a lot of sushi and you don’t want to pay a lot.

I’d say I’m a pretty big Japan-fan. I love Japanese products, games with Japanese language options, I’ve taught myself a few gratuitous Japanese phrases and of course, like any Japan-fan worth his salt, I love sushi. For the last few weeks I’ve been making it my post Judo ritual to go across the street from my gym to Sushi Time 560, a relatively new sit-down non-buffet Japanese restaurant that offers all you can eat sushi, sashimi, entrees and desert, but how much will this all-you-can-eat special cost you?

$21.95 per person. When I first heard about the price, I dug into my jeans pocket and retrieved two $20 bills so fast that I think I sprained a finger or two.

Once inside and seated at my table, I was given two slips with the names of various sushi and food offerings written on them. Next to the names of the different food items was a blank space where I could write down the quantity of each kind of sushi I wanted. Being a gigantic mammoth of a man who had just spent the last 90 minutes throwing other men around a mat, I penned in some immodest quantities of each of my favorite foods (exact number with-held, but totaling over 50 pieces of sushi in total).

So out of those 50 plus pieces of sushi and entrees, what tasted best? Here comes the breakdown!

-Shrimp tempura. The tempura arrived crisp and crunchy without that greasy taste that comes from poorly fried food. Even better? The tempura was just the right temperature too, so there were no roof-of-your-mouth burns from the tempura being too hot or retaining too much grease. I placed these big bad shrimps right on top of my serving of udon noodle soup (which was also delicious).

-Chicken katsu. Growing up in an Italian household, I usually don’t mess around with chicken cutlets if they aren’t cooked in Italian breadcrumb first and served with some sauce and cheese on top. Despite this rule of mine, I went out on a limb and tried some chicken katsu and I’m glad I did. Like the tempura, it wasn’t greasy at all, very crisp, very juicy and very satisfying!

-Gyoza. Lots of places make good gyoza, but Sushi Time is part of that elite group of restaurants that can make great gyoza, the kind that makes you swear it was prepared by an angel. Featuring a juicy pork filling or a savory veggie filling and a crispy crunchy gyoza wrapper, Sushi Time’s gyoza is not to be missed. Even if you’re there for just sushi, you would be a fool to miss out on one or two or thirty gyoza from Sushi Time.

-Godzilla roll (Spicy tuna and avocado, flash fried and topped with spicy sauces). One of Sushi Time’s specialty rolls is the Godzilla roll, an amazing spicy and flash fried delicacy that’s not too spicy, but it provides an adequate kick and is a great choice whether you’ve brought along someone who’s reluctant to try any sushi or an avid sushi lover who wants something special.

-Butterfly roll (Lobster and mango, wrapped in pink nori). Oh man, the Butterfly roll is an absolute delight. It may be the best thing offered on the Sushi Time menu and one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. No, I’m not going overboard with my description! The roll is packed, PACKED, I say, with fresh lobster and delicious mango. Add to that combo some very exotic pink nori and you’ve got an unforgettable sushi offering that can’t be duplicated by any sushi spot on Long Island or in New York.

-Spicy Tuna and banana roll (Exactly what it says on the tin). This roll might not sound like anything special and I’m sure I’ve had banana in my sushi before, but Sushi Time combines my favorite type of roll and adds my favorite fruit to it, creating a squishy but satisfying roll combo I’ve yet to see anyplace match. Again, the spicy tuna is just right, not too spicy and not at all bland or too mild and incredibly delicious.

-All of the nigiri/sashimi, namely the salmon, yellowtail, squid and crab (and eel). It’s harder than you think to find fresh and refreshing tasting nigiri and sashimi! Thankfully, Sushi Time 560′s selection of fresh fish and seafood over rice did not disappoint me. I could honestly eat an endless amount of random nigiri from Sushi Time and still feel like I got my money’s worth. The salmon is as fresh as it gets and the crab pieces are super juicy! I even liked the squid, which I’m normally not a huge fan of!

At twice the price, the all-you-can-eat special at Sushi Time 560 is an incredible bargain. For $21.95, customers can come in and get all the sushi they want, plus unique sushi creations you can’t find anywhere else and expertly made entrees. The environment is clean and dimly lit in an intimate way and the Sushi Time staff is friendly, helpful and they serve your food up in a hurry, without a compromise in quality. There are no hidden charges or last minute fees, however there aren’t any free refills on soda, so if you’re a soda drinker like I am, you may consider nursing that Coca Cola. Without a doubt, if you visit Sushi Time 560, you will leave stuffed, you will get your money’s worth and you will be coming back for more.

Thumbs way up for Sushi Time 560! Head over there as soon as you can!

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