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Building a muscular body can become an obsession for many gym-goers. When they look at images of chiseled muscular physiques in magazines or online their desire to achieve such results is like a flame doused with gasoline. Motivation is high, and thoughts are filled with weight training and nutrition strategies that will help make it happen.

The process of building a well muscled physique is usually a very slow one. All but the most genetically gifted of trainees has to fight tooth and nail for every pound of muscle. Performance enhancing drugs can speed up the results, but come with a bevy of health risks, as well as being illegal.

This leaves trainees with a long road ahead of them to achieve the physique of their dreams. Sometimes motivation is high but sometimes the thought of going to the gym for a ball breaking workout and eating chicken and broccoli for dinner again makes them nauseous. So what can trainees do to stay motivated in the gym (and the kitchen) month after month?

The following are some helpful tips for keeping muscle building motivation high:

Set and Achieve Smaller Goals

Lets say your main goal may be to gain 40lbs of muscle, then set yourself smaller targets of 5lbs at a time. Each small victory will make you even more motivated to continue to build more muscles and will ensure you remain dedicated to the cause of building muscles and getting those six pack abs you have always wanted.

Motivational Images

Find photos of that depict the type of body you’re striving for lots of them. The internet is your friend, so search bodybuilding forums, Google Images, and any other source you can find for motivational photos. Make a scrapbook or collage of the images, and whenever you feel like skipping a workout, eating fast food, or any other behavior that stands in opposition to your goals, look at it. Remind yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel and that it’s getting closer.mind preparation


YouTube has an endless amount of videos of bodybuilders, athletes, and gym rats of all kinds performing gut busting workouts, flexing impossibly huge muscles, and just plain kicking ass in the gym. If you can’t find motivation there maybe needlepoint is a better choice of hobby for you.

Training Buddies

Make friends with some like-minded guys at the gym who have similar goals. If possible, get to know some guys who have already achieved the goals you’re chasing. Just hanging around them will be a source of motivation. Watch them train and learn from them.

Keep It Fresh

If you’ve been doing the same workout since Clinton was in office maybe it’s time to switch it up. Add in some fresh variations of the exercises you’re doing. Look for new ways to stimulate muscle growth (and your mind) in the gym.

Variety is the spice of life and it doesn’t hurt to have some in the gym. You can even take it outside next time it’s ‘leg day’ and run some wind sprints instead of the same old squat routine. These tips should help get you through the muscle building doldrums and keep motivation high. Use them as needed to keep the muscle building ax to the grind!

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