Amazing styles of bracelets: women necklace online

Amazing Styles of Bracelets

  • Posted on December 22, 2011 at 2:34 am

A nice bracelet is piece of jewelry decorated round the wrist. It carries individual charm. It’s adorned with pendant or trinkets which are signifiers of significant things in the wearer’s life. Bracelets are very trendy in the world. It values in all over the world. Bracelet utilised by men and women. There are both kinds adorn bracelet obtainable. Some persons use straightforward bracelet and some likes trendy bracelet. Bracelet can be constructed from steel, cowhide, piece of cloth and plastic. Mostly bracelet comprise on jewels, rock, case and wood. It use for distinct reasons for example health and identification. Allergy persevering values allergy bracelet in clinic for their identification.
The most widespread kind of bracelet is handmade bangle bracelet. Many designer hemp necklaces concepts handmade bracelets.  These kinds of bracelets are very charming and attractive. That made by gold, shiny and beads. A white bangle gold bracelet is more considerable and heavier than the mean machine-made bangle bracelet. Each bangle is individually proficiency to array. Manufactures made these handmade bracelets in any dimensions on clientele request. You can get these bracelets in traded gold and other material. Many clients like hefty heaviness bracelet and some select lightweight weight. You can even customize it to make it heavier by request.

There are numerous kinds of bracelets. Gold, timber, beaded, glass and precious gem bracelet are much popular. Bracelets that are in solid pattern made by some steel are mentioned to as bangle bracelet. These bracelets can be glossy, texture or set with stones. This sort of bracelet action round the arm and make a gracious sound like the clinking of breeze chimes. In India, It is furthermore widespread that juvenile young children wears slim gold bracelet on their hand and ankles. Bracelets have numerous methods and colors. Multi colors bracelet are routinely utilised by people.

There are hug kind of bracelet are obtainable. It has gorgeous forms for example heart beaded bracelets are charming. Beads bracelet are fairy widespread in southwestern American Indian jewelry tradition. They have multi-colored beads. People furthermore utilised lone color. Wood bracelets are often used. That comprises diverse charms. You can compose your title and good luck on your bracelet. There are numerous bracelets that mention your celebrity and anniversary or celebration wishes. These bracelets are gorgeous. These bracelets are adjustable. All can use them. There are elastic and locked bracelets are inn. If your wrist is slim and wellbeing, you can wear it.      

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If you could only read a single primary source about Eastern Woodland natives -> this book is it. James Smith was captured by the Shawnees in 1755, taken to Fort Duquesne and witnessed the aftermath of Braddock’s Defeat.  Soon after he was adopted by a Mohawk (Kahnawake) family living in Huron lands along Lake Erie till 1759 when he escaped during a visit to Montreal.  During the Revolution Smith used the tactics he learned from the Indians to help kick the British from Western Pennsylvania.  Smith went on to explore western Kentucky and Tennessee and in the twilight of his life became a preacher.  He left this plainly written yet detailed and thoughtful account of his captivity and analysis of Indian tactics which is available on  the internet archive.  Smith never wavers in his esteem or respect for Indians, which is saying a lot considering the place and time. An_account_of_the_remarkable_occurrences

Here is a page from John Gyles captivity narrative describing the physical possesions of Maliseet men in the late 17th Century.  Gyles was captured at Ft Pemaquid in Maine During King Williams War in 1689.  He describes these primary possessions as : Gun, ammunition, canoe, spear, hatchet,  menodah (bag), crooked knife, looking glass (mirror), paint, pipe, tobacco, and a bowl and dice set for the Hub game.  This John Gyles captivity narrative is available oon Google book

Gyles, John. Memoirs of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliverances, etc. In the Captivity of John Gyles, Esq..


Painkillers and alcohol, suicide? how much of each?

Painkillers and alcohol, suicide? How much of each?

How many painkillers do you need with how much alcohol to kill yourself? Or at least damage you so much next time you wake up you don’t remember who you are?

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Time for old memories | buy tramadol bluebook


Time for old memories

Posted by
admin 11 February, 2010

Being hospitalized twice recently brought back many old memories. The thing that hooked me up to be a nurse, was a hospital visit log ago. I was hospitalized because of a tubal pregnancy that ruptured. It brought much change into my life. Because of it, my marriage shattered. Divorced, a mother of two children. I had a college education in liberal arts. It did not help much. I needed money for a living. I managed to find two jobs in just a single day. It was a really important thing in my life. I didn’t choose to work as a teller at a bank, I’ve chosen to be a medical assistant in an ENT office.
Ever since being a small kid, I always dreamt of being a nurse. The thought probably was hidden somewhere inside my heart. However, it only got out anew after experiencing a crisis. All my dreams appeared again, seeing the gentle kindness of the nurses, how they treat the ill people with care and are dedicated to their work. I was mesmerized by this kind of life where you worked with people taking care of them. I was working with a group of doctors. They worked in the field of ear, nose and throat. It was interesting to chat with them, even more because two of them were plastic surgeons as well.
Soon after that, I understood that I had to go back to school if I ever wanted to have a better position. I needed it for both, myself and my children, so they would be able to lead proper lives. I could still see my goals even when the times were hard and it seemed nothing is going as it should be. However I stayed optimistic, always telling myself „The glass is half-full, remember that.” I knew that the things are possible but I just had to give all I could. I tried chasing my dreams and I made it. I was lucky enough to be accepted into a program at once. I got a couple of scholarships and could accomplish what I wanted.
The rest went downhill from there. I went to nursing school and finished it in three years. I was able to do so with the help my children offered. I cherish the days I worked as a medical assistant, than ward clerk, after that a nurse’s aide to eventually become a registered nurse. At the brink of my career I was a Director of Nursing Services. I am proud of that, and I have to admit I loved to wear my uniform and make rounds with nurses working under me. I saw a lot of cases when the best registered nurses started their jobs as mere certified nurse’s assistants. They had to learn what it is to be a nurse, to be disciplined and to take care of the patients. Everyone should learn compassion as they learn other things. They should treat patients with full respect. Having an assistant fetch all the things a patient needs without moving a finger shouldn’t happen. A good nurse would do thing she can herself if it’s easier for her..
During my last visits at the hospital, I’ve met some magnificent nurses. One of them was Shanin. She worked night shifts, was soft-spoken, and was like a infinite reservoir of patience. She was kind all the time and could find time for a little chat or comfort someone. The next person was Jamie, she was a vivacious young woman. I heard that she experienced a terrible health condition. It seems that it made her reborn a new person, with more energy than ever. There was also Jennifer, she was a new nurse to the local hospital. She was engaged, a happy person, pleasant to everyone and always dedicated to what she was doing. Still learning her duties and how to use a portable computer, she was a role model. She cared about things she did, paying extra attention not to botch anything. There were many more wonderful nurses, but I simply don’t have the time and space to list all of them in this blog. One thing is sure, the quality of service of the medical personel in the local small hospital was great. The bigger hospital in Portland had much lower standards. Seeing the nurses at work, caring about the patients made my heart fill with a warm feeling. It made me remember why I decided to become a nurse in the first place.

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Ethics in economics

I’m posting this as a continuation of an earlier post about two Adam Smith publications.  I hope that this shows some sort of improvement upon my earlier writing style and also provides a discussion topic.  Thanks!

Ethics in Economics

Among many interesting and important topics brought to light over the time of this course, one question continually rose in my mind, nagging at me to challenge it.  Should there be a code of ethical conduct involved in economic research and administering an education?  Is it necessary to ask professionals to adhere to such a code when they conduct research and advise people of power?  I believe that it is truly a necessity, for moral, ethical and stability reasons.  I believe it to be especially true after reading our list of texts in class and after watching the film “Inside Job”.

I hope to make a case for my argument by analyzing the free market system that seems to be the popular ideology when it comes to economic thought, where this argument and ideology comes from and why it may be beneficial to adopt a different view, even if only to humor it for the sake of understanding a different perspective for a while.  My ideas and thoughts on the matter will draw mainly from the film “Inside Job” directed by Charles Ferguson,alongside the book “How Markets Fail” by John Cassidy.  I hope to use excerpts from Adam Smith’s writings as well to get a first-hand look at what he was actually trying to say, as opposed to a secondary source’s interpretation and regurgitation.

Addressing the existing counter arguments is an absolute necessity as well, not in hopes of thwarting or disproving anything but to see the argument from both sides and make a rational decision on the matter at hand.

In fantastic times when life is moving smoothly on the face of it all, there is hardly any question whether or not the people in charge are making good choices behind the scenes, because hell, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  When we’re all enjoying a beautiful warm July night it’s hard to rationalize putting away all the fine china until four hours later when uncle Ron puts back one too many Schlitz’s and decides to see if he can “still pitch like the good ole days” and hurls the cups against the side of the garage just before trying his hand at Frisbee with the plates.  The same goes for economic conditions, if everything seems fine at the present time, what could possibly go wrong in the near future?   Why practice austerity or continue being frugal in preparation for a downturn if the good times are right now?  Why bother to impose a code of ethics among economic professionals when what they are doing seems to be working just fine?  Because although it may appear not be broken on the surface, underneath that shiny hood may be a real ticking time bomb.  Because time and time again we see those in power take things far beyond the limits of reason at little to no risk to themselves but at the hands of the masses.  It is something that concerns everyone whether directly or indirectly, something which we will discuss throughout the duration of this essay.

In “How Markets Fail” Cassidy argues that the financial crisis of 2008 was simply a matter of business as usual.  He makes this clear by stating that “The subprime boom represented a failure of capitalism in the presence of bounded cognition, uncertainty, hidden information, trend-following, and plentiful credit.  Since all of these things are endemic to the modern economy, it was a failure of business as usual.” (Cassidy, 22)  Assuming that all of these things, from bounded cognition to plentiful credit, are true and simply considered “business as usual” it cries out for grave concern and this ultimately important question that I believe goes overlooked all too often.

The free market economists would argue that although this was a disastrous event, it is just part of life and when left to its own devices the market will make its way back to equilibrium.  Whether this is your belief or not, it does not involve any preventative action, any true planning for calamities such as the great recession.  In medicine and health it only makes good sense for individuals to seek preventative care to deter future ailments that would be exponentially more expensive and enduring.  The economy is made up of all markets including healthcare, so measures should be taken to alleviate panic and uncertainty among the public.  It should be considered rational to seek unbiased information, information free of politics and glaring conflicts of interest.  Especially in investing and heavy speculation, where assumptions are plenty and sometimes outweigh most basic education do we see stability fly out the window.  Preventative action in the field of economics would take shape as a code of ethical standards, and hopefully provide a stronger more stable foundation for those interested in becoming educated in it.  I hear people, even those in positions of power and influence talk about the economy as if it were a mythical creature somewhere just outside of Mordor, continually scheming for all our frankincense and myrrh.  At the heart of this problem I think are the differences in opinions being presented as fact, and knowing who and what to believe.

There is a very interesting point brought to light by John M. Keynes that makes for interesting argument against purely free markets.  In the example of India was enjoying a near monopoly on trading a sort of fiber called jute.  When inferior impure versions of jute came onto the market, free market theory would assume that the market would correct the problem.  Keynes points out though that it is more likely that the pure jute merchants might have to mimic the dishonest ones just to maintain market share (Cassidy, 185).  This is a good example of opposition to a popular set of beliefs and reason to adopt more than one view of markets when conducting research and the like.  Not only is a finding like Keynes’ quite interesting but it shows that one ideology can’t hold in every situation at all times.  By showing two viewpoints there it provides a real world explanation of a series of events as well as a form of consumer protectionism.

It is said that a code of ethics in economics is unnecessary because researchers and educators are typically not the people in position to make the big decisions. Therefore the implications of these decisions typically fall in the hands of policy makers, whether they took the economists recommendations or not.  Although the blame may be levied off the shoulders of the economist, their recommendations are taken seriously and impact us all too some degree.  Take for example the theory of the “Greater Fool” (Cassidy,183) that Keynes outlined in terms of investing.  What he is saying is that even if there is no underlying value to an asset there will always be someone to unload it on.  It is basic economic theory and common sense that the values of assets simply do not continually raise indefinitely. So where were the economists coming out and providing warnings on the matter during the tech bubble, or the more recent housing bubble?  The ones that did step up were quickly quieted, as we saw in the film “Inside Job” but for what reason?  They were simply making an effort to put the reins on those who were endangering the security of the nation as a whole, and attempting save the natural liberty of the population.  In most cases we saw it was due to conflicts of interest and pure, grade A greed.  People of power and people who made economic decisions for political figures were being compensated quite nicely to say things against their beliefs and better knowledge.  Was it all done because some understood how the game was played and would ultimately end in their favor? Perhaps under an oath to protect the nation’s financial security and liberty better behavior would have taken place.

Perhaps all of this could have been avoided, had economists disclosed their outside financial ties and conflicts of interest not only when accepting a professorship at respected universities but also when publishing the articles they write and journals that they contribute to and in some cases edit.  It doesn’t make sense to allow big tobacco to sit on the board of health and safety or have a key figure from Marlboro become the surgeon general, so why would we allow members of private financial institutions to burrow into our universities and into our minds by way of articles and lecture if they have undisclosed ulterior motives?

We see this even today.  Our introductory level economics textbooks are designed to perpetrate the idea that free markets are the solution to just about every situation we find ourselves in.  In the most widely used textbook by Gregory Mankiw, we get a distinct, unavoidable feeling that free markets are the end all of end all answer to every economic problem.  This is an idea perpetrated by the Chicago school as well, under figures such as Milton Friedman.  We saw under Mr. Friedman the tyranny that the country of Chile endured, and although it may have been the most as pure of an experiment the profession has ever seen, there were enormous social implications, including the cost of human life.  Even after this event is presented, even after the 15 years of education it took to even hear about it, it is still pushed as the leading ideal if not the only or entirely correct ideal with little to no room for argument.

So is there a stigma against other forms of economic activity?  Who was it that decided the way we conduct ourselves and research today is the absolute best version?  I suppose Paul Samuelson was right in saying that “Funeral by Funeral, theory advances”.  Clearly by learning and adopting one ideal of behavior from our predecessors we endure stigmas of other schools of thought. This makes it extremely difficult to put in place policies or even put forth suggestions that could even be deemed remotely as being anything but neo classical, or any other form of activity that doesn’t rely heavily on the free market.  We saw this when our most recent financial collapse took place and we decided to remedy the situation through a series of bailouts without large scale restructuring of management.  Sweden had a more effective policy in a similar situation that included pre-privatization of banks that ended up being relatively cheaper to remedy, but because that policy is seen as somewhat socialist it is extremely difficult to suggest in the United States.

Perhaps by implementing a code of ethics in research and education we may hopefully rid of stigmas to some degree.  By teaching other schools of thought rather than just neo-classical economics in our introductory level economics courses, we can approach arguments and solutions from all angles instead of something that was deemed “tried and true” by someone who it has benefitted dearly that holds it as somewhat of a religious practice.  By teaching non neo-classical forms in the classroom and using the different views in research, to someone who has not dedicated a college career or all of their free time to the economic discipline, it becomes clear that there are separate approaches other than just letting things work their way out into a beautiful equilibrium.

Free market economic theory often attributes it roots to the father of economics, Adam Smith.  When talking about free markets, it is often brought up that Smith’s “Invisible hand” is a force driving the markets by some divine will that should always be left to its own devices.  This to me is exactly like selective hearing in that the people who believe Smith was a free market advocate only because they found a small, out of context example that helps back up their pre-determined beliefs.  Smith can be quoted as saying that “These exertions of the natural liberty of a few individuals, which might endanger the security of the whole society, are, and ought to be, restrained by the laws of all governments, of the most free, as well as the most despotical…”. This is clearly stating that he has concerns about absolute free markets, that there should be a level of protection when the natural liberty of one or few endangers the free liberty of many or of all.

So it is my belief that learning, researching and reporting should include all context and not just the bits and pieces that best interests fancy.  The idea of a set of guidelines in which to conduct research is present in most established sciences and economics should be no exception, considering the level of social implications it has power over.  It is not beneficial for physics students to learn just which theory of relativity that the professor enjoys more even if one is “special”.  How are we expected to learn calculus if freshman year our professors had deemed algebra “for hippies and heathens”?  Maybe some students would agree and some wouldn’t, but it sure would make learning more difficult, our views narrow minded and our creativity entirely less malleable.

There are absolute criticisms to my argument for a code of ethics in our field of study.  It makes sense that conservative view points would definitely counter my argument by saying that it limits the level of free speech and liberty that we are all naturally entitled to, which to some extent it does.  By putting restraints on the way the subject may be taught or how well research must be conducted we limit the freedom to portray a style of economic thought that someone in power may find more appealing or more effective than another.  It may force introductory economics courses to spend valuable time on counter neo classical arguments and ideals that neo classicalists might be reluctant to give up.  Although this may be true, I believe it is for the best.  It is, like Smith said; better to limit the natural liberty of a few if the security of the society as a whole is likely to be compromised.  It is dangerous to have one stagnant world view in an ever changing environment and to think of other forms of economic thought as history.  This implies that they are dead in the water and not worth the time to even acknowledge.  Even if these ideas are simply teased by allowing one or two classes worth of discussion, it opens up room for further research and thought to develop outside class that the student may not have had even known existed in the first place.

It is also likely that financiers and Wall Street types would oppose my view entirely.  It is absolutely to their benefit to have free markets taught in the classroom and to pay researchers to lean a certain way in order to have policy makers on their side.  This way manipulation of policy and regulation is always in their favor, ever increasing their profits and bottom lines.  To that I would say that there is most definitely a moral implication here.  No matter the level of income or compensation you are receiving for your actions, when taking risks with other people’s money and wellbeing you ought to seriously consider those people’s best interests as well.  The opportunities for exploitation when everyone is in the palm of your hand are tempting, but upon a deeper look towards the future you are not only hurting those people, but the integrity of your profession and your countries wellbeing as well.

I think that in terms of this course, if it were taught as a pre-requisite to principles of macro and micro economics I might have been more inquisitive towards what I was being taught at that level.  Even as a pre-requisite to the entire economics curriculum I believe I would have had a better grasp on theory and the like, perhaps even been able to apply it to other forms of economic thought, making my education more open ended to question and not taking lectures as pure unarguable fact.  The education process is not 100% regurgitation of material in my opinion, not a list of thousands of facts, but more so about being presented material in an open ended way allowing for discussion and further research.  It provides a solid ground work but if the thought process stops the last minute of the last class in our college careers, then it has been wasted.  This is especially true in economics.  With the information and education that I have received here I would assume my time spent was entirely worthwhile but it needs to be viewed as a tool to use in my everyday life, to solve problems and stimulate thought and progress.

I strongly believe that as economists, whether in the position of an educator or advisor to policy writers and decision makers should adhere to a moral and ethical code allowing for a more transparent education system and a less cluttered research standard that makes conflicts of interest known whether this is the view of others or not I strongly advocate it but always remain open to argument and discussion.

At another time in the future I would like to develop this idea further, perhaps ask the question of what the code would look like, how well it would work or how to gauge its success or failure.  Overall I thought this was a stimulating topic of thought and thoroughly enjoyed wrestling with the idea.  I appreciate you taking the time to read and review my thoughts and writings, and wish to thank you for one of the more eye-opening courses I’ve taken in a while.  All the best!

The elemental essentials : byways to blessedness

Byways to Blessedness

Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees, a small wooden building called a “rest-house”, where the weary traveler may rest a while, and allay his thirst and assuage his hunger and fatigue by partaking of the food and water which the kindly inhabitants place there
as a religious duty.

Along the great highway of life there are such resting places; away from the heat of passion and the dust of disappointment, under the cool and refreshing shade of lowly Wisdom, are the humble, unimposing “rest-houses” of peace, and the little, almost unnoticed, byways of blessedness, where alone the weary and footsore can find strength and healing.

Nor can these byways be ignored without suffering. Along the great road of life, hurrying, and eager to reach some illusive goal, presses the multitude, despising the apparently insignificant “rest-houses” of true thought, not heeding the narrow little byways of blessed action, which they
regard as unimportant; and hour by hour men are fainting and falling, and numbers that cannot be counted perish of heart-hunger, heart-thirst, and heart-fatigue.

But he who will step aside from the passionate press, and will deign to notice and to enter the byways which are here presented, his dusty feet shall press the incomparable flowers of blessedness, his eyes be gladdened with their beauty, and his mind refreshed with their sweet
perfume. Rested and sustained, he will escape the fever and the delirium of life, and, strong and happy, he will not fall fainting in the dust, nor perish by the way, but will successfully accomplish his journey.


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Ecobiz | corporate & business template

Story About Us!

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Company Profile

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Our History

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Vision and Mission

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Our Team

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And now for something completely different: sushi time 560 (bethpage, ny) review

Who: Middle/West Long Islanders and most Metropolitan New Yorkers.
What: All you can eat sushi, sashimi and hot Japanese entrees.
When: 11AM – 10PM most nights.
Where: 560 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, NY 11714-2702.
Why: Because you can eat a lot of sushi and you don’t want to pay a lot.

I’d say I’m a pretty big Japan-fan. I love Japanese products, games with Japanese language options, I’ve taught myself a few gratuitous Japanese phrases and of course, like any Japan-fan worth his salt, I love sushi. For the last few weeks I’ve been making it my post Judo ritual to go across the street from my gym to Sushi Time 560, a relatively new sit-down non-buffet Japanese restaurant that offers all you can eat sushi, sashimi, entrees and desert, but how much will this all-you-can-eat special cost you?

$21.95 per person. When I first heard about the price, I dug into my jeans pocket and retrieved two $20 bills so fast that I think I sprained a finger or two.

Once inside and seated at my table, I was given two slips with the names of various sushi and food offerings written on them. Next to the names of the different food items was a blank space where I could write down the quantity of each kind of sushi I wanted. Being a gigantic mammoth of a man who had just spent the last 90 minutes throwing other men around a mat, I penned in some immodest quantities of each of my favorite foods (exact number with-held, but totaling over 50 pieces of sushi in total).

So out of those 50 plus pieces of sushi and entrees, what tasted best? Here comes the breakdown!

-Shrimp tempura. The tempura arrived crisp and crunchy without that greasy taste that comes from poorly fried food. Even better? The tempura was just the right temperature too, so there were no roof-of-your-mouth burns from the tempura being too hot or retaining too much grease. I placed these big bad shrimps right on top of my serving of udon noodle soup (which was also delicious).

-Chicken katsu. Growing up in an Italian household, I usually don’t mess around with chicken cutlets if they aren’t cooked in Italian breadcrumb first and served with some sauce and cheese on top. Despite this rule of mine, I went out on a limb and tried some chicken katsu and I’m glad I did. Like the tempura, it wasn’t greasy at all, very crisp, very juicy and very satisfying!

-Gyoza. Lots of places make good gyoza, but Sushi Time is part of that elite group of restaurants that can make great gyoza, the kind that makes you swear it was prepared by an angel. Featuring a juicy pork filling or a savory veggie filling and a crispy crunchy gyoza wrapper, Sushi Time’s gyoza is not to be missed. Even if you’re there for just sushi, you would be a fool to miss out on one or two or thirty gyoza from Sushi Time.

-Godzilla roll (Spicy tuna and avocado, flash fried and topped with spicy sauces). One of Sushi Time’s specialty rolls is the Godzilla roll, an amazing spicy and flash fried delicacy that’s not too spicy, but it provides an adequate kick and is a great choice whether you’ve brought along someone who’s reluctant to try any sushi or an avid sushi lover who wants something special.

-Butterfly roll (Lobster and mango, wrapped in pink nori). Oh man, the Butterfly roll is an absolute delight. It may be the best thing offered on the Sushi Time menu and one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. No, I’m not going overboard with my description! The roll is packed, PACKED, I say, with fresh lobster and delicious mango. Add to that combo some very exotic pink nori and you’ve got an unforgettable sushi offering that can’t be duplicated by any sushi spot on Long Island or in New York.

-Spicy Tuna and banana roll (Exactly what it says on the tin). This roll might not sound like anything special and I’m sure I’ve had banana in my sushi before, but Sushi Time combines my favorite type of roll and adds my favorite fruit to it, creating a squishy but satisfying roll combo I’ve yet to see anyplace match. Again, the spicy tuna is just right, not too spicy and not at all bland or too mild and incredibly delicious.

-All of the nigiri/sashimi, namely the salmon, yellowtail, squid and crab (and eel). It’s harder than you think to find fresh and refreshing tasting nigiri and sashimi! Thankfully, Sushi Time 560′s selection of fresh fish and seafood over rice did not disappoint me. I could honestly eat an endless amount of random nigiri from Sushi Time and still feel like I got my money’s worth. The salmon is as fresh as it gets and the crab pieces are super juicy! I even liked the squid, which I’m normally not a huge fan of!

At twice the price, the all-you-can-eat special at Sushi Time 560 is an incredible bargain. For $21.95, customers can come in and get all the sushi they want, plus unique sushi creations you can’t find anywhere else and expertly made entrees. The environment is clean and dimly lit in an intimate way and the Sushi Time staff is friendly, helpful and they serve your food up in a hurry, without a compromise in quality. There are no hidden charges or last minute fees, however there aren’t any free refills on soda, so if you’re a soda drinker like I am, you may consider nursing that Coca Cola. Without a doubt, if you visit Sushi Time 560, you will leave stuffed, you will get your money’s worth and you will be coming back for more.

Thumbs way up for Sushi Time 560! Head over there as soon as you can!

But wait! Check out some other stuff we like!

Stuffed Sushi delivers some awesome pillows and jewelery shaped like — get this — sushi! It looks awesome and feels even awesomer. I highly recommend a spicy tuna roll pillow! All the fun of tuna and none of the mercury poisoning!

Brought to you by Jarrett Williams and Oni Press (those guys that brought you Sketch Monsters and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Super Pro KO is comic about friends, family, loyalty, the rise and fall of stardom and wrestling. Check out the 27 page preview by clicking the cover of Volume 1 above, you’ll be glad you did!




Lsw spartan ltd.

scroll down for information about the company,

click on one of the buttons on the left.


Spartan Europe Ltd is Portsmouth
based distributor of electronic components. Established in 1978, the company
has three divisions within its business, all covered by ISO9002 approval.

Firstly, there is the franchised
network, which includes manufacturers such as Oxley Developments, Wearnes
Hollingsworth, Cinch, Hypertac, Vishay, and VTM. Then there is the Kitting
Department which has three full-time buyers, backed up by administration and
stores personnel. Here, they take customers’ parts lists and procure the whole
project, resulting in a better cash flow for the client, as well as achieving
Just In Time deliveries.

The third part of the business
is our partnership agreements with the Far East and the USA. In particular,
the agreement we have with TOA E&I;, a massive organisation with over thirty
purchasing offices in the major Asian manufacturing countries, allows us to
buy not only from companies of eastern origin, but also from the eastern factories
of well known companies such as ITT Canon, Xilinx and Molex.

For further information on
any of the above aspects of the organisation, please call us on +44 (0) 23
9221 0053, fax us on +44 (0) 23 9221 0057, or send e-mail to [email protected]

Tim Bayliss
Managing Director