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The purpose of this site is to inform our visitors about injury in its various forms, pain relief, rehabilitation, as well as optimal health and function. Our visitors will also learn about their options, and the availability of our various services and network of referrals.

The Clifton Spine & Injury Rehab features modern chiropractic care that includes state of the arts and science diagnosis approaches and treatment protocols to speed up your recovery. We also put emphasis on somatic education for prevention, and healing via optimal neuro-muscular function. This is the purpose of rehab somatics of the domain. Please learn more about somatics from our blog posts at

Why a Spine and Injury Specialty?

The spine is central to the human skeleton just it is also central to the rest of the body; therefore its function is vital to one’s overall health and well-being. Proper alignment of the spine is of utmost importance to its functions in supplying nervous impulses to all systems, organs, and other part of the body. And injury is the most common cause of affliction to the muscles and skeletal systems that can affect the spine regardless of the location of the directly involved part.

Injury to the spine affects all parts of the body, conversely impacts to other parts of the body usually involve the spine. This type of interaction can go back and forth. From a bio-mechanical perspective, for example, an impact to head and neck that causes a whiplash can go through the entire spine very quickly while affecting the trunk, internal organs before it reaches the hip and beyond. From an orthopedic view point affliction of the knee can refer pain to the hip. The hip, in turn, can refer pain to lumbar section of the low back. Affliction of the lumbar spine can refer pain directly to ankle and foot. Again from a bio-mechanical standpoint these patterns of pain referral can be bi-directional, meaning can go either way.

The same kind pattern is also possible when it comes to wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints with respect to the neck. Sometimes people wonder: “Why headaches can be caused by neck dysfunctions?” Questions like this explain the necessity of a Spine and Injury specialty to put it in simple words.

What Make Clifton Spine & Injury Rehab Specialized Services Unique

With a unique sense of dedication the staff at Clifton Spine & Injury Rehab can personalize programs of care to fit each patients specific needs, preferences, wants, and desires with approaches far too numerous to list below. Again our sense of serious of dedication is not limited to only the followings:

  1. We use the most effective non invasive approaches to spine and joints care.
  2. We understand the meanings of injury from legal, financial, occupational, and functional standpoint.
  3. We team up with other professionals of different disciplines (specialties) and request their second, third, and even fourth opinion
  4. We use the most accurate diagnostic modalities, and state of the art equipments to determine the nature of the problem, and trace the exact cause(s)  of each condition.
  5. Our second, third, and fourth opinion experts qualifications are second to none.
  6. We refer to facilities and experts that use only state of the art equipments and methods.
  7. Our goal for each patient is maximum recovery in shorter period of time.
  8. We care about each patient comfort, and safety.
  9. We treat each patient with friendliness, and dignity
  10. The functional longevity of each patient is our priority
  11. Our overall approach involves cost effectiveness
  12. We offer convenient office hours

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