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Consider your project profile as the blueprint for your event.  At M & M Meetings and Event Planning, knowing all of the specifications for your event helps us partner with you from the beginning to make the most successful event possible.

We believe it’s important to “ground yourself in the black and white, so you can play in the gray”.  What does this mean?  By knowing all of the specifics (the black and white) of your event, we can take an ordinary training seminar and transform it into an outing or cultural, educational–outside the box–event that your attendees will be talking about for months…in other words, “playing in the gray”.

M & M Meetings and Event Planning’s Project Profile is the first step in helping you plan.  Below is a fun, whimsical example of how we can turn your needs into a seminar or event that offers the maximum teaching and learning opportunity for your guests, and will turn what could be a stale and taxing meeting into an educational, interactive learning tool your clients or staff will remember.

Let’s take the well-known fairy tale of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” as a template.  Let’s say Prince Charming meets with M & M Meetings and Event Planning because he wants to plan an educational strategy and team building session to rescue Snow White from the clutches of the Evil Queen.  After meeting with the staff, his project profile  (step one in the process) might look something like this:

Client Name: Prince Charming Rescue and Reclamation Services, Inc.

Project Profile: Uses of Advanced Surveillance and Rescue Techniques. Training for the Modern Day Fairy Tale Hero.

Project Type: Educational; Power Point and Brainstorming Breakout session with small group interaction.

Guest Speakers: Sleeping Beauty and Her Prince to relate how new breakthroughs in rescue, breaking evil spells and curses, and uses of GPS tracking allow for fast and safe rescue from Evil Queen(s).

Budget: TBD based on venue selection.  Within $2,000 for the day, total.  Payment by Coin of the Realm.

Event Date: All day, 8am to 5pm,  Summer Solstice, 2012.

Number of Attendees: 7 Dwarfs, 3 Fairy Godmothers, 4 Princes, and 3 Little Pigs with interest in surveillance and protection for new home construction.

Meeting Room Requirements: Children’s Museum of Greensboro requested, with tour and interaction with local Triad Area children during a one hour long break after lunch.  Meeting room turned from lecture configuration to a 4 round table breakout session after lunch.  Room turn to be done while attendees are touring the Children’s Museum.

Must have AV hookups, drop down screen, podium, water, hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies at each place setting.  **Note:  NO APPLES, as they have a tendency to strike apprehension in some guests for fear they may be poisoned.

Catering Needs: Light lunch of chicken salad, tuna salad, croissants and fresh bread, condiments and vegetable tray.  **No ham or pork products, as 3 Little Pigs are vegetarian.  4 Vegetarian options added for guests–3 Little Pigs and Sleeping Beauty.  Coffee, tea, water, and Diet Coke, Coke and Sprite.  Selection of cookies and fruit to be provided in room refresh after lunch, during breakout session.

AV Needs: Podium, AV hookups, drop down screen, podium, space in front of podium for Q & A with microphones; body microphones (2 total) for presenters.  Small table for use of laptop computer with additional plug-ins for laptop computers at each table and work station.

Sleeping Needs: 5 rooms for out-of-town attendees in a local, 4 diamond rated hotel property.  O.Henry Hotel requested (downtown Greensboro, approximately 4 miles from meeting location).

Purpose of Event: To highlight advances and teach the uses of advances in Princess and heroine rescue techniques, spell and curse lifting, and home security for those in the Fairy Tale Industry.  Legal and ethical uses of surveillance, rescue, and advances in technology for Modern Hero Rescue Industry.

While this is a lighthearted look at how M & M Meetings and Event Planning might develop and organize an event, you can see how this is the first step in the practical and creative tailoring of an event to your specific needs.

Let us design your next event, and make it have the Happiest Ending possible!

M & M Meetings and Event Planning–Dedicated, Experienced and Precise.

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