Havana night

How it all started … the Rest is History

hot rainy day in Cuba, Nicole Durr, known to her friends
simply as ND, drove a half broken down 1958 Volga auto to a
nondescript house in a Havana suburb. Behind this facade was
an old theatre with its roof collapsing in.
ND is here to audition talent for a new show, but under these
conditions? Yes. Little by little, forty talented, ambitious,
young artists emerged from the darkness. It was here and in
garages, dilapidated buildings and houses without windows the
dancers were found. This was one of many scenes of the nearly
2 years vigorous pre-production of “Havana Night™” that
started in 1998 in Havana.

ND sketched out her ideas and created the “Havana Night™
Concept”, a mix of Cuban culture with International Show
Business and a dash of European sophistication. Everything had
to be original, including the music. “All of
Cuba is an inspiration” says ND. “The architecture, the
colors, the light”. The finest artists in Cuba were engaged to
paint the sets and experience costume designers to produce the
350 costumes. “What we found in Cuba were wonderful people and
unbelievable artisan ship” says ND. The result was an
explosive mix of Latin showbiz.

Little did ND know that this adventure that started in 1998 on
a Caribbean Island, was the beginning of the
worldwide success story called “Havana Night™”.

Since then “Havana Night™” became a well-established dance
company with more than 100 members and has toured in more than
12 countries around the world.

ND’s message of “Havana Night™”, “Vamos a la Fiesta” simply
does not require a translation. Take part in this tropical
fiesta, made up of glorious colors, rhythm, dance and music.

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