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How can I sell these things to Carboot sale?

I sell a substance Carboot sale tomorrow and I’m not sure how to sell at a price. I sell a few clothes and thought sold £ 1 tops and jeans for $ 2 but wonder, is that many? Sell handbags and shoulder bags and some of them are new to 3 pounds is a lot to sell a brand new shoulder bag? Bags for sale for £ 1. I also sell frames, hairbrushes new and used shoes, Flat shoes and pencils. How can I sell? Buy apples also 2p per acre garden is fine and 10p for a bag of 6 blocks. Also selling beans, but do not know a lot of selling.

I found the best way to make money selling the trunk of a car would have a large sign proclaiming me an offer, any reasonable offer considered. So when approached and asked how I was told that something you want to pay. You look like you’re crazy or what, but 9 / 10 times has got a decent amount for him. The buyers are going to the boots of cars to do things for almost nothing, so it depends on whether you want to take a car full of things that do not want to go home or to do with the little money people are willing to give.

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