Grab an apron – a meal assembly kitchen –

Grab an Apron an
independent, home meal assembly store
by busy moms for busy families.
make it possible to gather around the dinner table again! Leave the mess in
our spacious kitchen & enjoy the experience in yours!

We know you need help at dinnertime because
we do, too. Our full time kitchen staff chops, slices and dices the
finest ingredients
, from the fresh cilantro to the chopped tomatoes,
making our meals the freshest and most delicious!

We are so particular about our freshness that
we even head out to the local meat supplier and produce stores every
-not all meal prep stores can boast that!

Make Dinner Here, Enjoy it at Home!

Your Meal Assembly Kitchen!

[email protected] – Phone (586) 797-9120
– Fax (586) 797-9696

47194 Hayes Road – Macomb Twp, MI 48044

Schedule a session today!


“…We used to spend this much money on groceries for dinner
and never ate this good…”

“…I can’t believe how great your meat and vegetables look
whenever I come into your store. I know it hasn’t been sitting in your cooler
for days and you can taste the difference too…” Lori

I just wanted to say how happy my family is
with the ‘Grab An Apron’ dinners. We tried a competitor last month and your
dinners have more flavor and variety of ingredients. So far, my husband and
I enjoyed every dinner we tried. I look forward to making the next one! –Wendy


Mon. and Fri. – 10:30-7:00pm

Walk-In Wednesdays—no appointment needed for assembly! 1:30 – 7:00 pm

Saturday – 10:30 – 3:00pm

(Closing time indicates the latest time of arrival.)If
you don’t see a suitable time, please contact us! We will work with you!

of our happy, satisfied customers!

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