Nothing adds charm to a woman’s feet than an anklet. A women needs to look smashing from head to toe. You
can certainly look beautiful by wearing long earrings or colorful
bangles, but do not forget to wear anklets which actually sum up your
beauty!. Anklets are also known as ankle bracelets Which are used to
beautify the ankles.


Do you think a female attracts more when she looks womanish and subtle? Wrapping an ARMLET as a band around the arm makes a huge difference. So have you ever tried that? If yes, Bombay Fashions is the right place for it. Armlets are normally worn as an embellishing band around the upper arm. Popularly known as an arm ring,

Fashion Jewelry For Wedding

Fashion Jewelery for Holy Matrimony

has the ability not only to add beauty and style to you and whatever
ensemble you are wearing but it also gives a religious aura of hope in

An engagement ring is a very exciting gift in every relationship. Diamond
rings as well as you think that had more than approximately 90% men and
women will be wishing for own at least one diamond ring.

Gold Armlets

are very popular ornament that are manufactured from very cherished and
rare metals such as gold, silver, diamond, precious metal alloys etc.
Gold Armlets Armlets are most commonly used. Since gold is highly precious metal, the gold Armlets are considered as a sign of prosperity. Gold Armlets are worn on the upper portion of the arms, called biceps. Though historically, gold Armlets were more popular among men but now these are Equally popular among men and women as well.


were first mined in India. [7] Pliny may have mentioned them, Although
there is some debate as to the exact nature of the stone he referred to
as Adamas; [8] In 2005, Australia, Botswana, Russia and Canada ranked
the primary sources of gemstone diamond production. 


to Custom Bracelets where you will find a huge selection of beautiful
sterling silver, gold, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstone
Mother’s Name Bracelets, Birthstone Bracelets, Grandmothers Bracelets
as well as Children’s and Baby Bracelets, Bracelet are suitable for
both males and females
Because they are matched in both the cases

Diamond Necklace

The diamond is possibly the most sought after of all gemstones, being a symbol of wealth and success. Diamond
is the completion of all gemstones composed of a single pure element
and it is also said the toughest transparent substance that exist.

Fashion Rings

A ring is a band, made of different materials and worn as an ornament around a finger. Various
types of uniquely designed rings are available in the market, catering
to the tastes of men and women of all age groups.
Fashion rings are one of the most sought of women jewelery being sold in the global market.

Fashion Cuff Bracelet

have been found in almost every culture and different regions
throughout the world and even ornaments of ancient India.
history of cuff bracelets stretches forward through the Middle Ages of
medieval Europe of the 18th century and right through to the present.
Cuff bracelets were prominent in Egyptian history, as well as Maya and Inca adornment in the Americas. Elegance and versatility align in the design of cuff bracelets makes a special place in women heart. 

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