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Dr. Clark, ND was born and raised in Hamilton County, Indiana.  She and her husband Stan lived on a farm, raised 2 sons, and currently drive school buses for Hamilton Southeastern Schools.  A number of years ago, she was seeking natural health solutions for her own family and became captivated with the methods, techniques and research she encountered.

Dr. Clark participates in continuing education through the ” to further trainin</span>g in CranioSacral Therapy.

Classical Naturopathy

As a traditional, classical naturopath I specialize in overall wellness.

I teach clients the importance of adopting a natural lifestyle approach to facilitate the body’s own natural healing.  I do not look to “diagnose” or “treat diseases”, but I recognize sub-health conditions that are the underlying cause of what we call “disease” (or dis-ease) relates to unsuitable diet, environmental factors and unhealthy habits which result in biological imbalances.  These imbalances lead to a destabilization of the bodies’ natural defenses and subsequent breakdown in health.  
The practice of traditional, classical naturopathy is not considered the practice of medicine and is currently legal in all 50 states.

* An “ND” is one that has earned a doctorate in the field of Traditional Naturopathy.

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