The Important of Normal Human Temperature

Do you know about normal human temperature? Have you ever checked your temperature? Human temperature is arranged by thermostat system in brain. It supports the stability of body temperature in 36.5 C and 37.5 C. Normal human temperature will be varied in a day. When we are in sleeping time, the temperature of our body is lower than wake time or in active time. Measurement taken in different body positions will also give different results. Intake temperature under the tongue (in the mouth) in normal condition around 37 C and among the arms (armpit) is about 36.5 C, while in the rectum (anus) is around 37.5 C. This is normal human temperature range.

Influence Factors of Body Temperature


There are some factors that influence normal human temperature. First is the basal metabolic rate, as fast metabolic work as high temperature need. Second is sympathetic nerve stimulation, this stimulus causes metabolism to work 100 times. Third are hormones (growth, thyroid and sex), those hormones also increase metabolic works many times. Fourth is fever (inflammation), it increases metabolic work 120%. Fifth is nutritional status, missing nutrition in long time will increases metabolic works 20-30%. Sixth are activities, many activities need metabolic works. Seventh is organ disorder, when there is a damage part of the body, the temperature will be rise. And the last is the environment; cold environment temperature will decrease body temperature. So, we have to consider the factors above to keep our temperature in stable condition. Stability of body temperature will lead to the health condition.

How to Measure Body Temperature


In a simple way, we can measure our temperature using the back of our hand such as usually our parents use back of their hand to check our head temperature. This is a practical way to decide that someone gets fever or not, unfortunately everyone has no similar sensitivity to decide the abnormality of body temperature. To be more accurate, we can use thermometer either mercury thermometer or digital thermometer. This tool can be purchased in medical stores or pharmacies. Recently, mercury thermometer model begin to leave by people because it needs long time measured about 5-10 minutes. People starts to use digital thermometer model, it is simpler and just needs sort time to measure the body temperature. The normal human temperature is about 36.1 – 37.8 C. When someone has temperature more than normal human temperature range can be concluded that he/she gets fever. The measurement can be done in several places, they are

  • Oral, behind the tongue
  • Axilla, armpit
  • Rectal, anus
  • Tympani, ear

From the four places above, measurement in tympani or ear using infrared thermometer is the most accurate because the temperature is near to the temperature of central body. And the most inaccurate measurement is taken from axilla, because it has bigger environmental influences.

Those are the importance of knowing body temperature. This knowledge is important not only for your body itself but also for important for others or your family to know about normal body temperature.


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